Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Pictures you wont believe are not photoshopped

I believe in fairplay and therefore will not put any mandatory surveys or other crap on here.

A Sandstorm in Iraq, 2005
Due to the shortness of a carribean Island the local Airport had to be build right behind a popular beach. The low flying planes today attract more tourists than the nice weather and nature.

An example of a coconut Crab, one of the biggest crab species in the world.
No, he is not running. This pilot is getting tossed through the air after his boat crashed at a speedoboat race.

Machinery for mining in the Ruhrgebiet, Germany.
Weather Phenomena caused by shifting warm and cold air and extraordinary currents.

An artists work in Scotland.

Stay tight for more, daily, updates.


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  2. The 'artists work in scotland' is actually in Devon near to Widdecombe.


  3. these are amazing in themselfs,and to convince yourself that there real was hard